Out Of Town Patients

international patientOut of Town Patients Guide

Once decided to get an IVF cycle with us,

First visit:

  • Schedule an appointment near about 1st day of the period.
  • During this visit complete file will be made, investigations will be reviewed and discussed. The treatment protocol and the number of days of stay can be finalized so that, accordingly your tickets can be booked.

Second visit:

  • The plan for your second visit will be confirmed during your first visit, which will be during the treatment cycle.

Number of visits

Duration of Stay


First visit

1 or 2 days

  • Consultation, USG
  • Blood tests of couple (if required)
  • Review of investigations and discussion
  • Making patient file
  • Planning of treatment protocol
  • Down regulation injections may be started
  • Planning about next visit and the number of days of stay

Second Visit

5-7days (if some treatment is possible to take with a local doctor under the guidance of our specialist)

  • Day 2 USG and hormonal tests should be done at home place
  • Initial hormonal injections can be taken in the local place, prescription will be sent online
  • Follow up USG and hormones at home place
  • Will visit the clinic for further treatment
  • Oocyte pick up
  • Embryo transfer

10-15days (all treatment at Gurgaon)

  • Daily hormonal injections
  • Follow up USG and hormonal tests
  • Oocyte retrieval
  • Embryo transfer